Лаборатория климатологии

Раздел: Research activity


Scientific research

The The Laboratory of Climatology of Institute of Geography carries out diagnostic analysis of modern changes in climate and snow cover, and their impacts on environment and human life.

Current scientific directions:

1. Reaction of snow cover and vegetation to climate change, numerical modeling of interaction between landscapes and the atmosphere (A.B.Shmakin, A.N.Krenke, V.V.Popova, D.V.Turkov, L.M.Kitaev);

2. Processes of desertification (A.N.Zolotokrylin, V.V.Vinogradova, T.B.Titkova, E.A.Cherenkova);

3. Regional climate change in Russia and extreme climatic events now and during the last millennium (V.V.Popova, M.M.Chernavskaya, A.N.Krenke, A.B.Shmakin);