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Kitaev Lev

Ph.D in Geography

Research Interests:
The interaction of climate and surface characteristics in cold period:
- conjugation of spatial and temporal variability of surface air temperature, precipitation, atmospheric circulation indices variability of snow cover (including as part of the water balance), soil temperature, ice phenomena;
- features of the interaction study characteristics within different plant communities on a local and regional spatial scales;
- evaluation of the significance for methodological approaches to the satellite data using in studies of seasonal and long-term variability of the Earth's surface.
Phone: +7 499 129-04-74
Fax: +7 495 959-00-33

Selected publications:

Kitaev L.M., Ableeva V.A., Asainova J.S. 2015. Influence of forest vegetation on the tendency of the local variability of snow cover // Proceedings of the Oka-Terrasny Reserve. Tula, Aquarius, vol. 6, pp. 66-78. (In Russian with English abstract).
Second Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea Basin (Lev Kitaev as contributng autor) International BALTEX II secretariat, Geesthacht, Germany, SPRINGER. 2015, 501 p.
Kitaev L.M. 2014. Variation of ice phenomena characteristics over Middle Volga basin // Proceedings of the VIII International scientific-practical conference "Dynamics and Thermal rivers, reservoirs and seas coastal zone." Moscow People's Friendship University, Vol. 1, pp. 411-423. (In Russian with English abstract).
Kitaev L.M., Titkova T.B. 2013. Connectivity of sea ice variability in the Arctic and winter meteorological characteristics of in northern Eurasia // Actual Problems of Remote Sensing of the Earth from space, Vol.10, N 3, pp. 179-192. (In Russian with English abstracts).
Kitaev L.M., Chernov R.A., Ableeva V.A., Korobov E.D. 2013. Indicative properties of snow cover (the results of experimental studies in the winter 2011/12 iIn the central part of the East European Plain) // Ice and Snow, 4, pp. 67-73. (In Russian with English abstract).
Climate change in the Baltic Sea Area. HELCOM thematic assessment in 2013 (Lev Kitaev as contributing author) Baltic Sea Environment Proceedings. HELKOM, ErwekoOy, Finland, ISSN 0357-2994. 2013, N 137, 66 p. (In Russian with English abstract).
Mächel H., B. Rudolf, T. Maurer, S. Hagemann, R. Hagenbrock, L. Kitaev, E.J. Førland, V. Rasuvaev and O.E. Tveito. 2012. Observed Hydrological Cycle // In: P. Lemke, and H.-W. Jacobi, (eds.), Arctic Climate Change: The ACSYS Decade and Beyond, Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences Library, Vol. 43, Part 1, 199-246, DOI: 10.1007/978-94-007-2027-5_5.
Kitaev L.M., Titkova T.B., Korobov E.D. 2012. The variability of snow accumulation and dynamics of soil temperature due to changes in local weather conditions // In "Long-term processes in the natural complexes of Russian reserves.". Ed. by N.A. Potemkin and A.S. Zheltukhin. Velikie Luki, Ltd. "Velikolukskaya city printing", ISBN 978-5-350-00273-7. pp. 19-26. (In Russian with English abstract).
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