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Kononova Nina

Ph.D in Geography

Research Interests:
Atmospheric circulation
Phone: +7 499 129-04-74
Fax: +7 495 959-00-33

Web site: http://www.atmospheric-circulation.ru

Selected publications:

M.M. Chernavskaya, N.K. Kononova, T.E. Valchuk, 2006. Correlation between atmospheric circulation processes over the northern hemisphere and parameter of solar variability during 1899-2003. J. Advances in Space Research, 37. 1640-1645.

Kononova Nina . 2010. Long-term fluctuations of Northern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation according to Dzerdzeevskii's classification. - Geography, Environment, Sustainability Journal. Russian Geographical Society, Faculty of Geography M.V. Lomonosov Moscow University, Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences. No 01 [3]. pp. 25-43.
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Kononova N.K., Malneva I.V., Sejnova I.B. 2007. Circulation mechanisms of disastrous mud flow on the stage of degradation of glaciation of the Central Caucasus. Materials of Glaciological Research, 102, pp. 154-160. (In Russian)

Kononova N.K., O.V.Lutsenko, M.E.Makarova, I.A.Orlov. 2007. Atmospheric circulation in the Antarctic in the end of 20 beggining of 21 century. Materials of Glaciological Research, 103, pp. 142-147. (In Russian)

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Kononova N.K. 2006. Change in atmospheric circulation as a factor in climatic changes and ice conditions in the Arctic in recent decades. Materials of Glaciological Research, 100, pp. 191-199. (In Russian)

Kononova N.K., Mokrov E.G., Seliverstov J.G., Tareeva A.M. 2005. Relationship of avalanches and atmospheric circulation in the Northern Hemisphere. Materials of Glaciological Research, 99, pp. 94-98. (In Russian)

Kononova N.K. 2003. Investigation of long-term fluctuations in atmospheric circulation of the Northern Hemisphere and their application in glaciology. Appendix - Calendar of elementary circulation mechanisms (ECMs) according to B.L.Dzerdzeevsky method for 1986-2002. Materials of Glaciological Research. 95, pp. 45-65. (In Russian)

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