: Staff


Mikhailov Yuri

Ph.D in Geography

Research Interests:
Mesoscale numerical climate modelling, modelling of orographic precipitation
Phone: +7 499 129-04-74
Fax: +7 495 959-00-33

Selected publications:

Shmakin A.B., Turkov D.V., Mikhailov A.Yu. 2009. Model of snow cover considering its layered structure and seasonal evolution. "Earth Cryosphere", Vol. XIII, No.4, pp. 69-79 (In Russian).

Mikhailov A.Yu., Rubinstein K.G., Shmakin A.B. 2008. Testing a method for detalization of surface air temperature basing on coupled models of boundary layer and heat/water balance. "Russian meteorology and hydrology", No. 1, p. 15-23. (In Russian)

Shmakin A.B., Krenke A.N., Mikhailov A.Yu., Turkov D.V. 2001. Role of landscape structure of a surface of a land in climatic system // Izvestia RAS, Geography, 4. P. 3813 (In Russian).